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The word Rudraksha, comes from the two Sanskrit words Rudra, a synonym for Lord Shiva, and Aksha, meaning “eyes”. Botanically, the rudraksha tree is known as Elaecarpus ganitrus Roxb. The Seed of this plant has a rough surface and a hole running through it from top to bottom.

Each seed also possesses from 1 to 21 vertical lines running down its surface, like the longitude lines on a globe. These lines are known as mukhas, or facets, and are natural formations of the seed. Seeds with one vertical line are known as Ek-mukhi (one facet); those with two lines are Do-mukhi (two facets), and so on. Each bead has a different effect on you, depending on the number of mukhis it has.

Rudraksha beads are a gift to mankind from Lord Shiva for a Happier, Healthier and Wealthier Life. We offers Rudraksha beads from 1 to 21 Mukhi, Gauri Shankar and Ganesh Rudraksha, Rare Rudraksha Beads, Rudraksha rosary, pendants, bracelets, Hindu Vedic yantras, religious rosaries from India, hindu puja items, gems, crystal and Parad shivlingas and sriyantras, Feng shui items, navgrah shanti packs, lucky charms and also Offers vaastu suggestions.

Rudraksha Beads are beneficial to all irrespective of Sex, Age, Caste, Culture, Religion & Location. They have only positive effects.

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Rudraksha Puja, Online Puja, Lakshmi & Ganesh Puja Online, Shani Puja

What is Puja ?

Puja is the act of showing our faith and respect to a God, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals thereby making a spiritual connection with the divine. Most often this contact is facilitated through an object: an Image, element of nature, a sculpture, a painting, or a print.

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Satyanarayan Puja, Sri Satya Narayan Katha & Puja, Narayan Puja

This is a general ceremony to improve your wealth, peace, happiness, and harmony at home and family. This Puja is traditionally done for success in all forms and to have comfort and pleasure. It helps to achieve spiritual and material progress and increase the social status. It is ideal to perform this Puja every month at home for more blissful effect.

We will inform you the date, time and venue of the pooja via E mail and your representatives are welcome to attend the same.

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Online Lakshmi Puja, Mahalakshmi Puja, Online Lakshmi Katha & Puja

You must perform this Homam when you are facing financial difficulties and wish to earn wealth in abundance.

For improvement in Financials and also for recovery of dues, which are said to bestow different benefits to the performer of this Homam.

We will inform you the date, time and venue of the pooja via E mail and your representatives are welcome to attend the same.

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Ganesh Puja (Online Ganesh Puja with Mantra)

In Hindu culture Ganapati or Lord Ganesha is always worshipped before starting any Pooja or Homam. Lord Ganapathy eradicates all difficulties faced by an individual.

According to the legend performing Ganapathi Puja at least once in a year will give prosperity, health ,wealth and peace of mind to the individual who is performing it. Ganapathi Puja should be performed on all possible auspicious occasions be it starting a new project or even your birthday.

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Shani Sade Sati Puja (Online Shani Puja)

Shani Sade Sati Puja – Saturn or Shani is one of the most influential planets in ones horoscope. It is supposed to be the judgement provider and gives results according to ones karmas in his / her life. However there are periods of Shani known as Sade Sati i.e. seven and a half years and if the planet Saturn is placed wrongly in ones horoscope, this period is very difficult for such people.

Under such circumstances, a specific Puja known as Shani Sade Sati Puja is performed to pacify the planet Shani and nullify its malefic effects as far as possible so that the period passes off peacefully without giving much trouble and harm to the person.

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ONE MUKHI RUDRAKSHA – With Golden Pendant & Red Thread

Contents – Half Moon Shaped One
Mukhi Rudraksha – One pc.
– Golden Plated Silver
Pendant ( The Design of the
pendant may very in Shape)
– Red Thread
– All above items packed in a
beautiful jewellery Box

Description – A One Mukhi Rudraksha is like Lord Shiva himself. This is supposed to be the most auspicious bead amongst all the Rudraksha beads.
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